L.G. -17 years old, Jerusalem

Since my mother passed away I’ve done my best to care for my younger siblings and keep the house running. I can’t count on my father for anything other than criticism. Sometimes the burden just felt like more than I could bear. One of my teachers saw that I was falling behind in my schoolwork and asked me to stay after class to speak with her. When I saw that she was genuinely concerned I just couldn’t hold back the tears anymore and told her everything that had happened since mom died. She brought me to Yad Eliezer and within a week my siblings and I had proper clothing, mentors were arranged for my two brothers, and my fridge was stocked with nutritious foods; finally we didn’t have to eat only bread and margarine all week.



I had been suffering from a terrible tooth ache for nearly a week. I took Tylenol so that I could keep on functioning at work and with the kids, but the pain was horrific. Eventually the bottle of medicine was empty, and I had no money to buy more. One of the neighbors saw me and told me that my face was white as a sheet. Despite the embarrassment I explained the situation and she called Milka on the phone. Half an hour later I was in Milka’s office, and two hours after that I was in the dentist’s chair getting the help that I needed. Thank you Milka!

A.C. –Jerusalem

My husband and I both had difficult childhoods, and even now our families are not able to offer us any support financially or emotionally. Yad Eliezer has been there for me when I had no one else to turn to, offering a shoulder to cry on, and practical support such as formula for my baby and food boxes to supplement our meager income. Sometimes I feel very alone with my struggles, but when I walk in the door at Yad Eliezer and Milka greets me by name with a big smile and a hug I know that I’m not alone.


N.M. –Five Towns

I trust Yad Eliezer to distribute my tzedaka money. I’ve visited the office and the warehouse where the food boxes are packed many times during my visits to Israel. Milka is a caring and intelligent woman who is on the front lines of the fight against poverty in Israel, and I’m pleased to have a small portion in the many mitzvahs that she and the Yad Eliezer staff do every single day. N.M.

D.T. –Brooklyn

What I like about Yad Eliezer is that they approach Tzedaka with both a good heart and a clear mind. They don’t just offer food and money; they offer support, consolation and a sense of family to people who have no other family to fall back on in times of trouble. The staff checks each case carefully and they keep their overhead low. When I give to Yad Eliezer I know that the maximum of each dollar is going to the people who need it most.

S.Y. -Monsey

Last time I was in Israel I brought with me a pile of brand new designer baby outfits that my daughter had received as gifts when my first grand-daughter was born, and didn’t need – she simply had too many. I brought them to Milka, and as we were talking a young woman came in with a small crying baby. Milka arranged for her to get baby formula for the infant as the pediatrician had said that she wasn’t gaining enough from nursing alone. As Milka was filling out some paperwork I handed the young mother two of the outfits that I had brought. She broke into a wide smile, and then turned away. When she turned back to us there were tears in her eyes as she told us that these were the first new items her baby would wear, everything else they had received second hand.

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UPDATE: Sara Leah continues to undergo treatments. Her parents had to take her to the U.S., leaving their other young children behind, getting shuffled between relatives. They are incurring substantial expenses so we are once again turning to you….

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Imagine what it must be like for a young mother to be chronically ill for decades. Shulamit M is just 46, but she has been sick since she was in her 20’s with a severe case of Fibromyalgia. It has manifested itself in constant, excruciating joint pains, extreme weakness and tremors.

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Air-conditioning makes the summer bearable, and while some may consider it a luxury, most of us take it for granted.
Yet for little Rivka it is a matter of life and death! Rivka was born with Down’s Syndrome, and since her birth she has had too many close calls.

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Eliyahu K. of Beit Shemesh worked hard to support his family until he was diagnosed with cancer. Then his wife Raila was put on complete bedrest. Now, neither parent is available for their children. With both parents out of commission, how will they get by?

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Mordechai, father of a large family, has learned firsthand what it’s like to juggle life’s ups and downs in rapid succession. Six months ago, he experienced a significant down. He had been feeling extremely weak and tests revealed Mordechai had a cancerous tumor….

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On a bright, sunny Thursday in January, 4 year old Malka, sat and played happily with her brand new sister, singing to her and laughing. By Friday, she could not speak, walk or understand anything that was happening around her. Results revealed an autoimmune disease.

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Aharon and Esther W. are not sure what the future holds for their special daughter. Tzipora must always be on a soft surface or wear a helmet because at any moment she can fall down and hit her head when trying to walk, or she may experience an unexpected but powerful seizure.

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“There is no love like a mother’s love”. That was painfully illustrated when we first met Yehuda’s mother, as she tearfully contacted us, looking for help for her son. Yehuda is a devoted, dedicated husband and father. Just 26 years old, Yehuda and his wife Feigie live with their 3 children…

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A family moves from France to Israel, hoping to make a better Jewish life for their children. For 14 years they do the best they can, their mother leading the family, working day and night to take care of everyone. Who will step in if something happens to her?

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