Yaakov and Raphael G, Beit Shemesh

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“Hashem entrusted us with 2 precious jewels. We were chosen to be the guardians of these treasures, to raise them and take care of them as best as possible.”

Rabbi G. and his wife Batya (of Beit Shemesh) are givers. They’ve both been working hard for many years in order to support their beautiful family and enable them to give help to others. In addition to working full time and learning, Rabbi G. has also been an active volunteer with various well known emergency medical services. Giving help, whether financial or medical, has always been one of their priorities- a significant focus in their lives.

Last Simchas Torah, Rabbi G. and Batya were blessed with the birth of identical twin boys. Taking care of twins is always a busy, full time job, one which requires double the usual amount of work, dedication, patience, and sleepless nights. Rabbi G. and Batya were prepared as usual, to step up to the challenge of helping people-this time, their babies. However, this time the help they would need to provide would be of a different and unexpected sort, as both babies were born with Down’s Syndrome, an extremely rare occurrence.Twin #2Twin #1- 2

Yaakov ben Batya Miriam’s and Raphael ben Batya Miriam’s health requirements kept both babies hospitalized for months after their births. They weighed so little (only about two and a half pounds each) and have multiple medical issues. One child is missing a hand. Both babies have fingers that are fused together. Between them they also have heart, lung and hernia problems.

For five months the babies’ parents spent their days and nights at the hospital, accompanying them as they recuperated from heart surgery and taking care of their many medical needs. This took them away from their other six children and as one can imagine it was extremely taxing on the family. The babies’ parents could not keep up the hospital vigils while keeping their jobs so both were forced to give them up for their babies’ sakes.

Currently the twins are out of the hospital but still need to go to back at least twice a week for various medical treatments and follow up appointments. At home, they need round-the-clock care, due to their many needs. They must be fed in a very specific way which is a time consuming project, averaging one hour per baby for each feeding.

The babies’ well-being and care is all consuming. Rabbi G. and Batya are doing the best they possibly can to keep up-they are positive, hardworking and determined people with strong emunah. As Rabbi G. says, “Hashem entrusted us with 2 precious jewels. We were chosen to be the guardians of these treasures, to raise them and take care of them as best as possible.”

But because of all the demands they need to meet, neither parent has been able to return to work. The family’s finances therefore, have taken a bad turn and the home has been breaking down for some time, with no end in sight. Rabbi G. describes how the house is empty. There is no food in the refrigerator, a situation with which this family has never been familiar. The small stipend they receive through Bituach Leumi nowhere near covers their expenses, even minimally. The G.’s oldest son is getting married in two months and his parents are overjoyed. But there are no funds with which to make a wedding, turning what should be a happy & exciting time, to one of concern and worry.Twins 2

Rabbi G. and Batya’s biggest wish right now, besides the health of all their children, is to get their family back on their feet and bring a sense of normalcy to their lives. But in a few months Yaakov and Rafael will be back in the hospital for the required surgeries on their hands and fingers, additional heart surgeries and hernia operations, and the cycle of hospital stays will begin anew.

No family could withstand this constant upheaval and turmoil. We must step in to give help to these givers as soon as possible. Our goal is to raise $18,000 to give them some relief. With these funds we will enable them to buy food for their family, help them cover medical expenses and provide them with nursing care throughout the upcoming months. Then they can start planning for the wedding, bringing simcha to them all.

Thank you for giving. Every donation to Milka’s fund makes a difference..

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