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Looking at the G. family, with their gorgeous, adorable triplets and plenty of happy, intelligent and well adjusted children you would never guess that their father is both deaf and blind. His physical limitations don’t stop Mr. G from sharing his natural warmth and positivity, telling them stories, teaching them Torah, and setting an example of exemplary middos, but it does stop him from going to the store to pick up a few items, and from staying home and caring for his children while his wife takes care of other obligations. He even needs assistance tending to his basic needs.
Eight months ago the family was blessed with triplets. They are overjoyed with their three new additions, but their already limited resources have been stretched beyond capacity. If one of the triplets cries, Mr. G doesn’t even hear. And even if he somehow knew that one of them was crying, he wouldn’t know which, or where he was to pick him up and offer him comfort.
Mrs. G carries the responsibility for caring for the children as well as working part time outside of the home, but when I interview her on the phone I don’t hear any complaining or resentment. “My husband has his share of challenges, but he also has very many merits. He wakes up each morning to pray neitz, and goes to kollel even though he can’t see the pages. He is able to learn when his learning partner reads loudly and clearly near his hearing aids. He teaches a weekly Torah class to seminary girls and is able to share with them a hashkafa and emuna that is pure hearted and true. He can’t leave the home unattended, and has never even seen the faces of his younger children, yet he never complains. I believe that it is in his merit that we have these beautiful, healthy children, and have succeeded in so many areas of our lives despite the challenges that we face. This is the one thing that my husband and I constantly fight about. I tell him that our successes are in his merit, and he insists that they are in my merit.”
Mr. G suffers from a genetic deteriorative blindness. When he was younger he was able to see things that were close to him to some extent, but over the last 17 years he has lost his vision completely. They moved into a new home a few months ago, a home that he never saw, and he is still having trouble finding his way around the house. Leaving the home alone to go anywhere is simply impossible, and since they moved to a less expensive neighborhood that is further from his kollel and minyanim, it has been very challenging for Mr. G., and for his family to help him. In the morning an avrech accompanies Mr. G to shul, but the walk is slow and tedious. He learns in kollel in the mornings, and returns home in the afternoon. He is only able to make it to mincha and ma’ariv if someone is able to guide him on the 20 minute walk. Mr. and Mrs. G. would like to purchase a small, used, electric golf-cart, the type of vehicle that is commonly used by the elderly to navigate the neighborhood. With such a cart, volunteers would be able to shuttle Mr. G. to and from his kollel and minyanim in a matter of minutes; getting to and from mincha would no longer be an hour long event. The golf cart would also be very useful to Mrs. G when she does the family shopping, or other errands in the neighborhood. Since she cannot leave the children at home with her husband, she is constantly in a rush when taking care of business outside of the home.
Mrs. G shares more of her story. “I found out that I was having triplets only 7 weeks before they were born. I was told earlier in the pregnancy that I was carrying twins, but I had a feeling that there was one more. It is good that we didn’t find out that there were triplets until near the end, because when the doctor found out he wanted me on bed rest.

triplets on pianoWhen he told me that, I just laughed. If I was on bed rest, who exactly would run the home? When the babies were born at 35 weeks they spent two weeks in incubators. That was a very difficult time as I ran back and forth between my babies and my home immediately after having had a c-section. But somehow we got through it all. I am the only one who hears them when they wake up and cry at night, but thank G-d they sleep pretty well. It breaks my heart that my husband can’t enjoy how absolutely adorable they are, but he has his own way of ‘seeing’ and knowing.
“My husband receives disability and I work part time, but our combined incomes hardly cover the most basic expenses for our family. Buying an electric cart would make our lives so much easier and it would bring me the joy and satisfaction that my husband no longer will miss his minyanim because no one in the neighborhood has the time to walk him to shul. The avrechim would be happy to take him on the electric cart as it would shorten their travel time as well. But we don’t have any extra income, even to purchase a used, simple cart.
“My husband may never see my babies’ faces, but he can pray for their success. And I know that it is the merit of his prayers that gives me the strength to go on. We don’t complain about the challenges that we have been given, we face them with strength and with joy, but we would greatly appreciate if you could help us and lighten our burden by helping us purchase the electric cart that we need.”
Please join Milka’s Fund in helping the G. family now. For $2000 we can give Mr. G. the ability to move around with a used golf cart.  Donate here and share this link. Each share brings in an average of another $18 in donations, so don’t hesitate!

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