Ariella Y. Beitar

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Ariella Y. is only 39 years old. She is a divorced, single mom who has been bravely and lovingly raising her two children all on her own in their Beitar home. Needless to say it hasn’t been easy. With money always tight it’s been hard to provide for her daughter, now 15 and her 14-year-old son with special needs. It became even harder four years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.Ariella with her daughter

Often, people facing hardships rely on family for help and support. This is not the case with Ariella, who has no father, siblings or extended family. She does have her mother, who lives in a different city. The problem is, though, her mother is sick with cancer, too.

Ariella has been struggling, unable to work and alone, as the illness has viciously attacked her body. Her doctors have tried countless types of treatment for her including aggressive chemotherapy but the relentless cancer is on the warpath – out of control, and refusing to abate. It has spread to her liver, bones and lungs. She now needs oxygen support which she receives from a portable unit, worn on her back.

While Ariella is well aware of her life threatening physical condition, she is also aware of and frightened by her children’s precarious situation. She expresses her terrifying fear – with no family in the picture, what would become of her children if G-d forbid, she does not survive?

Ariella hasn’t given up hope though, despite her bleak circumstances. She describes how there have been ups and downs throughout the past four years of her nightmarish reality, and she is hopeful that somehow, she will come through this trying time, become strong again and resume a normal life.

areilla with her kidsThe clock is ticking, though. We need to help Ariella as soon as possible, so we are urgently turning to you in the hope that we can work together in support of this sweet, dedicated mother and her family.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 so that Ariella can be taken care of, and her children who are so dear to her, can be with her.
This vital money will cover several imperative things:
-Four-month rental of a different apartment for Ariella (one on the ground floor, as she can no longer climb the 53 steps up to her third floor home) plus moving expenses
-A mobility scooter so she will be able to get around, as she is too weak to walk more than a few steps
-Four months of therapy for her 15-year-old daughter, who is extremely traumatized by this stressful situation
-Provisions for Ariella’s special needs son
-Food vouchers for the family
With your help we can do so much to comfort Ariella physically and emotionally. Please donate to her cause, share her story, and say a tefilla for Ariella bas Sonya.

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