Posted on February 28, 2017 By FranJ

Update on Sara Leah

Peretz & Zelda were faced with a challenge. A big one. And it had a name: Neuroblastoma, a word they had never heard before a few months ago. It was a type of cancer, and it was endangering the life of their baby, Sara Leah. Something else was endangering her life, too- their home. Instead of a warm and comforting safe place, it was a frigid, dark, moldy apartment – a hazardous environment especially for a sick child whose compromised immune system could not tolerate any type of germ or mildew. The living situation compounded Peretz & Zelda’s worry but sadly, they had no choice-they had to stay there as they could not afford to move anywhere else.

Then an amazing thing happened. People like you the world over, read Sara Leah’s story on Perhaps you were moved, likely you were concerned. One thing’s for sure-you could not stand by without doing something, so you took action and made a donation. Contributions poured in and incredibly, in a short time the requested funds were raised, and they changed the R. family’s life. Your donations enabled arrangements to be made to find them a new, clean, respectable apartment, and they were swiftly moved out of the old one and into the new. The funds made up for Zelda’s lost wages, enabling her and Peretz to provide the basics for their children – like healthy food. It covered daily living expenses and bills they just couldn’t cover before.

There has been an emotional transformation as well. Though Peretz & Zelda are still facing the challenge of their lives (working to battle Sara Leah’s disease) a new sense of calm, a sense of relief has settled in. They no longer have to worry about mold and mildew, and how it may be making Sara Leah sicker. They can now focus all their energies on getting her well. None of this could have happened without your generous help. Thank you.

Your donation to Sara Leah’s story was life changing. If you would like to make a change in someone else’s life, please consider helping Yehuda K., a young father battling Multiple Sclerosis. You can read about Yehuda here.