Posted on June 5, 2017 By FranJ

It’s the little things – Yehuda K.

It’s The Little Things

As told by Yehuda’s Mother –

“Yehuda is my life. He is a G-d fearing man, never missing a minyan regardless of how he’s feeling.


Just an hour after his stem cell transplant, he insisted on going to minyan until his doctor forced him to stay in bed. Then he asked if he could at least listen to the minyan through his phone!


Since his MS diagnosis, every little thing has become difficult- pushing his kids in their strollers, bringing groceries climbing the stairs in his building at least three times a day-it’s not so easy-even for a healthy person. But now for him, it’s impossible.


I try to help Yehuda whenever I can- travelling from Jerusalem to his apartment in Teveria to help my daughter in law with shopping, cooking, and taking care of my grandchildren. Sometimes he has painful seizures and he can’t do anything.


On Lag B’omer I went with Yehuda and his family to celebrate their youngest’s upsherin. All the fathers in Meiron were dancing with their children. I noticed Yehuda was the only one who couldn’t -it’s hard with his crutches. My granddaughter looked over at me and said “Savta, it’s so happy here-why are you crying?”


It’s the little things… “

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