Welcome to Milka’s Fund Blog!

Welcome to Milka’s Fund’s blog! We are very excited to be able to share with you the essence of what Milka’s fund is all about, and the behind the scenes stories that go on in Milka’s office.

One of the first stories that I heard when I started working at Yad Eliezer was about Miriam. Miriam came in to Yad Eliezer so overcome by shame that it took her a while to be able to speak clearly enough to share her story. She had woken up in the middle of the night to sounds of pacing in the kitchen. She got nervous and tried to remember if she had checked the locks before going to bed. She heard muffled moans. She cautiously peeked in to the kitchen only to see her son doubled over in pain.


When he saw his mom, he forced himself to stand up straight and smile, but it was too late, she had seen that he was suffering. Miriam ran to his side and asked what happened. While gripping his jaw he told her that his tooth had been aching terribly for a few days. He knew that is mother did not have money to take him to a dentist, or even to buy some Tylenol, so he kept his pain to himself, but he hadn’t been able to sleep for days, and the pain was becoming unbearable.


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