Posted on August 5, 2016 By CGruman

Malky R Update (Aug. 5, 2016)

 Malky is still hospitalized in Hadassah. Unfortunately there has not been any major improvement with her GVHD. The doctors are trying many treatments but she has not responded to any of them. Although she is very weak and sleeps a lot, we do get her out of bed into a wheelchair for her to participate in the ward’s children’s school. She mostly does some arts and crafts but is limited because of her very weak condition.

Mr. and Mrs. R are bouncing back between the hospital and their home. Their physical and emotional energies are directed at Malky. The financial situation is dire. The family needs money for cleaning help, babysitting, food preparation, laundry, tutors to help with school work, transportation to and from the hospital, and much much more. Any help is truly appreciated and will go a long way and is the glue that is keeping this family from crashing.