Posted on August 10, 2016 By CGruman

Mr. G

Remember the G. family? They were blessed this past year they were blessed with adorable triplets as an addition to their already large family. Mr. G. suffers from a genetic deteriorative blindness and also has difficulty hearing. They turned to Milka’s Fund asking that we help them purchase a small electric cart to help him get to and from his kollel and minyanim.

Thanks to your generous donations the family was able to make the purchase, which has been helpful in ways that they hadn’t even imagined. Mr. G. has more peace of mind and self confidence. Instead of Mr g cartdepending on others to make the 20 minute walk with him across town to the kollel, the other avrechim are eager to drive him as it shortens their commute as well. He has been able to do errands for the family that were unthinkable in the past.  Another local tzedaka organization distributed chickens about 15 minutes from their home and Mr. G was able to go with one of the older children to pick them up. Otherwise Mrs. G. would have had to leave the kids, after a full day’s work to do the errand.

Even the young children are excited. For once, they aren’t embarrassed of their father’s limitations, rather proud that he has something that is unique.

Mrs. G says, “Please thank the donors personally from me, my husband and the whole family. We are so grateful to them. It really warms our hearts to know that people across the world care about our family and are willing to help us. We wish them every blessing in the world!”