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Milka's Fund addresses individuals, with compassion, granting them
the funds that will enable them to live a life with their problem solved.
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Sara Leah is an adorable, smiling toddler. At one and a half years old, she loves to do the things that most babies do: play with toys, scribble with a crayon, explore her surroundings on little feet that have just discovered the miracle of walking…About two weeks ago

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    Progress: 71%
  • 71%Funded
  • $7,065Pledged
  • $10,000Goal
  • 88Donors
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yehduas kids

“There is no love like a mother’s love”. That was painfully illustrated when we first met Yehuda’s mother, as she tearfully contacted us, looking for help for her son. Yehuda is a devoted, dedicated husband and father. Just 26 years old, Yehuda and his wife Feigie live with their 3 children…

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    Progress: 35%
  • 35%Funded
  • $3,487Pledged
  • $10,000Goal
  • 87Donors
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Chantal with child

A family moves from France to Israel, hoping to make a better Jewish life for their children. For 14 years they do the best they can, their mother leading the family, working day and night to take care of everyone. Who will step in if something happens to her?

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    Progress: 18%
  • 18%Funded
  • $1,331Pledged
  • $7,200Goal
  • 22Donors
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On a bright, sunny Thursday in January, 4 year old Malka, sat and played happily with her brand new sister, singing to her and laughing. By Friday, she could not speak, walk or understand anything that was happening around her. Results revealed an autoimmune disease.

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    Progress: 33%
  • 33%Funded
  • $5,876Pledged
  • $18,000Goal
  • 128Donors
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When 19-year-old David A. made it into the elite Paratroopers Brigade of the IDF a few months ago, he could never have imagined that a short time later he’d be incapacitated in a hospital bed. David, is one of eleven children in a close knit happy family.

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    Progress: 190%
  • 190%Funded
  • $10,251Pledged
  • $5,400Goal
  • 162Donors
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Twin 1800x1200

“Hashem entrusted us with 2 precious jewels. We were chosen to be the guardians of these treasures, to raise them and take care of them as best as possible.” Rabbi G. and his wife Batya are givers. They’ve both been working to support their beautiful family…

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    Progress: 89%
  • 89%Funded
  • $16,061Pledged
  • $18,000Goal
  • 340Donors
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edited claudine

Urgent! We are getting so close to our final goal for Claudine. Claudine B, a young widow from Karmiel, and mother of three, is being threatened by creditors to repossess her home. Thank G-d, through your generous donations to Milka’s Fund we raised $15,000 towards her debt.

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    Progress: 42%
  • 42%Funded
  • $4,986Pledged
  • $12,000Goal
  • 112Donors
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Batsheva final

After tragedy struck, the K. family of Ofakim hoped they would never have to endure another one. But a month ago, the diagnosis came in: Fourteen month old Batsheva’s brain had stopped functioning. What appeared to be a standard virus was apparently not standard at all.

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    Progress: 90%
  • 90%Funded
  • $6,504Pledged
  • $7,200Goal
  • 153Donors
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Two-year-old twin girls, Toby and Malky were diagnosed with cancer only months apart. After a year and a half of suffering and anguish, treatments and surgeries, they were finally given a clean bill of health, and life went back to normal. Until 3 years later…

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    Progress: 67%
  • 67%Funded
  • $20,009Pledged
  • $30,000Goal
  • 419Donors
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