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Milka's Fund addresses individuals, with compassion, granting them
the funds that will enable them to live a life with their problem solved.
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edited claudine

Urgent! We are getting so close to our final goal for Claudine. Claudine B, a young widow from Karmiel, and mother of three, is being threatened by creditors to repossess her home. Thank G-d, through your generous donations to Milka’s Fund we raised $15,000 towards her debt.

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    Progress: 18%
  • 18%Funded
  • $2,210Pledged
  • $12,000Goal
  • 58Donors
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Ilanit C. remembers what it was like to be able to eat anything she wanted. After losing her teeth as a result of serious illness, chewing has become a luxury she no longer takes for granted. Ilanit was diagnosed with cancer. By the time it was discovered it was at an advanced stage.

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    Progress: 75%
  • 75%Funded
  • $7,468Pledged
  • $10,000Goal
  • 207Donors
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SuccessfulSharfman family

For years Yisrael S, helped take care of his children, assisting them with simple, everyday tasks such as eating and getting dressed. Now he is the one who needs this kind of help. After the birth of their fifth child he was diagnosed with an uncommon type of cancer.

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    Progress: 103%
  • 103%Funded
  • $7,756Pledged
  • $7,500Goal
  • 128Donors
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SuccessfulAriella final

“Please, please-promise me someone will take care of my children…”
Ariella’s heartbreaking plea echoes throughout her hospital room. Ariella Y. is only 39 years old. She is a divorced, single mom who has been bravely and lovingly raising her two children all on her own.

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    Progress: 110%
  • 110%Funded
  • $11,001Pledged
  • $10,000Goal
  • 251Donors
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Batsheva final

After tragedy struck, the K. family of Ofakim hoped they would never have to endure another one. But a month ago, the diagnosis came in: Fourteen month old Batsheva’s brain had stopped functioning. What appeared to be a standard virus was apparently not standard at all.

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    Progress: 65%
  • 65%Funded
  • $4,706Pledged
  • $7,200Goal
  • 115Donors
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Successfulanat with sons

Anat needs immediate eye surgery, otherwise she will go blind. She has two children with special needs and no one else to care for them if she loses her sight. Anat’s circumstances are so painfully difficult she sometimes wishes she could close her eyes and it would all disappear.

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    Progress: 100%
  • 100%Funded
  • $14,030Pledged
  • $14,000Goal
  • 286Donors
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Two-year-old twin girls, Toby and Malky were diagnosed with cancer only months apart. After a year and a half of suffering and anguish, treatments and surgeries, they were finally given a clean bill of health, and life went back to normal. Until 3 years later…

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    Progress: 63%
  • 63%Funded
  • $18,807Pledged
  • $30,000Goal
  • 404Donors
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About Milka's Fund

David came in and told Milka that his wife had witnessed a terror attack on a bus, and was suffering from severe effects of the trauma… Alex, a 16 old boy, wasn’t feeling well and went to the doctor on his own knowing that his mom was too busy and his dad was too depressed to help…

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    Progress: 47%
  • 47%Funded
  • $4,692Pledged
  • $10,000Goal
  • 71Donors
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Chaim was born with a genetic disease so rare that it doesn’t have a name. His bone structure is different, causing pain and limited movement. His breathing passageways are unusually small. He has had 32 operations in his 16 years, seven of them on his spine.

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    Progress: 19%
  • 19%Funded
  • $4,722Pledged
  • $25,000Goal
  • 107Donors
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